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Private Dining/Personal Chef

Interested in having a private chef? Gourmet Ministries offers private dining for intimate dinners, business meetings, private parties, and special occasions. Chef OJ will create a memorable experience through authentic food and warm hospitality. We offer 3 private dining options ranging from 1-course meals to 3-course meals. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are only providing private dining for 8 or less people. Also, we provide private dining delivery in the Oxford area. Please view our menu options here. ===>

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Small Group Catering

Interested in having a small reception or event caterer? Gourmet Ministries provides group catering for guests up to 25 people from receptions, casual events, promotional events, office gatherings, etc. Our team will guide you through each item we prepare and provide custom touches to reflect your style and vision. From Chef OJ's signature dishes, charcuterie board, pasta experiences, southern delicacies, and even family cuisines passed down from generation to generation. We are happy to accommodate your request to serve you and your guests. View our menu options here. ==>

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Brunch Catering

Interested in having a brunch catered? Gourmet Ministries serves up delicious brunch options for you, your family, and all of your friends. We offer delicious sweet, savory, and flavorful options that hit the spot. We also offer accompanying plating options, tablecloth, plates/silverware, and breakfast beverages. View our menu options here. ==>

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** Travel Fee upon inquiry

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